Finding new daycare again


I was never really happy with my son’s daycare provider, but I when I was looking for new daycare I settled on in home daycare that seemed ok. I needed new daycare fast and I was running out of options. Now only a few short months later I need t find new daycare again. My son has two bite marks on him and the daycare lady can’t tell me how the bite marks got there and she leaves the TV on all day. I was so mad when I asked about the bite marks and found out she didn’t know anything. She almost seemed to brush it off which made me even more mad. She also won’t help potty train my son. He spends anywhere from 8 to 9 hours there and I need here to help if he is ever going to get potty trained. But she tried for like a day and gave up. I need someone to help me because even tho I would love to be a a stay at home mom, I can’t.  I hope to find another daycare soon. My son will not be going to daycare on Friday because just can’t send him back there. I even cried twice today over sending my son to daycare. He actually told me he didn’t want to go there and I really wish I hadn’t sent him there today but didn’t have another option so last minute.

I am going to make darn sure I love this new daycare before I decide to send my son there. I will ask all sorts of questions and make sure I love the place and my son will be safe and happy. I don’t want to have to find new daycare again in a few months.  So wish me luck.


7 thoughts on “Finding new daycare again

  1. Good luck. I had similar problems when my kids were that age. One daycare provider left my kids with her husband while she ran errands with her daughter. Another let my small children ride in the front seat of her car while she ran errands. Another was taking a shower when I went to pick up my kids. It’s really difficult and centers aren’t any better. The one and only center I ever used wasn’t giving my son his medicine after he contracted RSV at their establishment.

  2. Have you considered a not for profit daycare? I worked at one for several years and later sent my son to one (a Jewish Community Center, but there are others as well). The ratio of caregivers tends to be higher, most charge on sliding scales, and many have long time caregivers unlike for profit centers. Just a thought. Good luck. It’s difficult to find quality affordable care.

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