A slump?


I have either been is a bad slump or nothing interesting is going on in my life to blog about. I have written some posts in the past few days, which have turned out to be flops. I was going to do the Daily Prompt today, but I found the topic something I didn’t want to write about. I am sorry that things around here have been so-so. I need to pick things up around here. I promise things will get better. I love blogging and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I also love all you, my fellow bloggers, I have meet some pretty awesome people and writers, whom are such inspirations to me and many other people. I also want to thank you all for sticking by me, I have lost a few people over the last few days and I know I shouldn’t be sad about that, but its like loosing a friend. OK enough sappy stuff, I hope everyone has a great day and happy blogging.


6 thoughts on “A slump?

  1. Hang in there! I blame the weather and the feeling of shorter days on the glum mood. I also didn’t find the last few Daily Prompts that inspiring, so you’re not alone there! Sometimes it’s good to step back and let inspiration come to you =) But I think you did great by just posting about your lack of inspiration! I’m sure every blogger feels it now and then. =)

  2. Danielle, I know what you mean about not feeling like you want to write about unsafe situations. And thanks for mentioning you have written posts that didn’t quite live up to your expectations – I can relate! Hang in there!

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