Dark to dark


I really don’t like this time of year. I leave for work in the dark and I come in the dark. It’s very depressing. And not to mention the freezing temperatures. I am not a winter person. I much prefer summer or spring. The people just seem so much happier and the energy that surrounds us is happier and more exciting.
The winter months are really hard for me. I suffer from depression and my depression tends to get worse during these winter months. I have to work really hard at staying positive and upbeat so I don’t let my depression beat me. I may even have to increase my dosage of my pills just to survive these long winter months.
Having my family around for the holidays will make things easier but I will still have to step up my game a little. Speaking of the holidays is every one in the US ready for Thanksgiving? I know it’s a little over a week away but I can almost taste the turkey. Ok now I’m hungry. I will stop now. Well I hope everyone had a great day. My work week starts tomorrow so I need to get my beauty sleep. Goodnight everyone.