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The latest trend on Facebook right now is the “number” game. Your friend has been given the number 5 and now must make a list of 5 things that people don’t know about them and if you like the status your friend gives you a number and now you have to make list. I have been given a total of 3 numbers now and the last number I got was 10 but instead of posting on Facebook I thought I would share 10 random things about me with you,so we can get to know each other better.

1. I don’t like pickles.

2. I am right handed.

3. I have sprained both of middle fingers at different times.

4. I have seen the movie Wizard of Oz more times then I count.

5. My favorite movie is Save The Last Dance.

6. I can sing but I can’t dance

7. After taking French in High School the only I can remember how to say is can I go to the bathroom please

8. I have only been to one state on east coast of the United States.

9.  I played basketball for my school when I was in middle school.

10 I like to eat my oreos with peanut butter, just like girl in Parent Trap.

Now its your turn, tell me 5 to 10 random things about you. I want to get to know my readers little better.


10 thoughts on “10 random things about me

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  2. 1. I hate celery. 2.) I am half Irish half Italian 3.) My Dad had a grocery store, so I handled cash all the time – it made me a bit of a compulsive hand washer. 4.) I stopped dyeing my hair – going to take it grey all the way 5.) My only regret in life is having smoked cigarettes. 6.) I have not smoked in 4 years 7 months and 1 day. 7.) I adore full moons 8.) I own 30 plus website names 9.) I love to cook but rarely follow recipes. I’m an extremist in the kitchen; it’s usually either slow cooked or ready in a flash. 10.) My only child Josephine is my personal hero.

  3. Here goes: 1) I love how the great outdoors looks, but my fear of insects and wild animals (even stray domestics) keeps me indoors, most of the time. 2) I have all the clocks and watches in my home set 15 minutes ahead. My family calls it “Diva Time” 3) I keep my bed made and use spare blankets to sleep with instead of turning down the comforter. 4) I miss going out dancing, but I don’t miss the creeps I had to contend with. 5) I will pretty much eat anything labeled vanilla, peanut butter, or bacon.

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