Did you miss me?


After taking a break for several days I have returned to the blogging world. I feel refreshed and ready to jump back in. I know it seems funny but I missed you all. I didn’t realize how much I enjoy blogging until I stopped. But I really needed to take a break and regroup myself.
There are something’s that are going change. I am not going to post everyday. When I made the decision to post everyday I thought that’s what I had to do. I was wrong. It felt like a full time job and after a while I felt like had to post something so I would just post something to post something. I not going to do that anymore. I want my posts to meaningful and worth reading. I also plan on trying not to be so focused on my stats. I really don’t need to check them every day. They really don’t matter that much. I know who reads my blog and who doesn’t. I am very thankful for ones that do. The last thing I going to try really hard to do is to comment more on other blogs instead of just liking everything. I think comments take more effort and show that you actually read the post instead of liking it without reading it.
On a side note everything has been good with little man and me. We are still getting over this nasty cold and the cold rainy weather is not helping. I don’t like winter. I want the sun back. Well I hope everyone is having a great day. And it feels good to be back.


6 thoughts on “Did you miss me?

  1. happy to see you back. all good and understandable. i think less in more in the world of blogging, as in most everything else. glad you both are feeling better. ) beth

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