Out of touch


I feel like I gave been a little out of touch with the blogging world fir the past few days. Not because I haven’t posted anything or because I have read anything. But because I have been sick for about two weeks I feel like I haven’t been giving my all to my blog or to my fellow bloggers.
I’m going back to the doctors today in hopes of finally getting something to help get rid if this nasty cough for good. Wish me luck.
In other news my birthday is on Sunday so have to plan something grand to do that day. Well ok maybe not grand but special. So far there is a special birthday dinner planned. I just have to figure out the menu. I hope there’s cake. I love cake! Oh and presents are nice too. But most of just getting together with my family will be enough. Have a wonderful day everyone and happy blogging.


2 thoughts on “Out of touch

  1. Happy early birthday!!! There better be some cake on your birthday!!! =) Let me know if you need some cake, I will bake you one and ship it to you 😀

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