Old MacDonald


The Daily Prompt has asked: What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?


The last thing I searched for online was for an app called Old MacDonald by the Duck Duck Moose,Inc. I was searching for information on it because I heard it was a great app for kids. I found some info and liked what I saw so I downloaded the app to the my phone and my three old loves it. My three old loves cows and there are cows in the app that you can “click” on and one will do a flip and another will get beamed up by a space ship. My son laughs and laughs at the cows. There is even a cow driving a tracker, you can move the tracker with your finger and through out the app the song Old MacDonald had a farm is playing, which makes the app even more fun. I discovered the app while at the doctors. My son wasn’t feeling well and I thought he had an ear infection so off to the doctor. While in the room the doctor hands my son her phone with app on it and tells him he can play with it while she checks him out. He was so entertained by the app that he didn’t mind that she was looking in his ears and listening to his lungs. My son liked it because he got to play with something he liked and he got to hold a phone that actually did something, which is rare for him. I highly recommend the app for those parents who want to keep their little kid entertained.  Go Here to look at the description and screenshots from the app.



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