Score: Cold-1 Me-0


I have been battling a cough for about two weeks and while I can handle the coughing and the congestion that came with it. I can’t handle when I wake up and I don’t have a voice. This morning I woke up and I couldn’t talk and my throat hurt really bad. I had called and made a doctor appointment for today already, so I was good to go. I did go to work, although I couldn’t answer the phone, nor talk to anybody expect in a whisper. I managed to survive. I left early to go the doctor, which is half and hour away. I get there early and I check in, pay my co-pay and sit down in the waiting room. My appointment time comes and I still haven’t been called back. I wait a few minutes and then I go back up to the desk and inquire about my appointment. The nice gentlemen behind the desk tells me that the doctor is running behind but it shouldn’t be too much longer. I go and sit back down and not two seconds later I get called back. Finally! I get weighted and all the other fun stuff. Then the nurse proceeds to ask me questions. Hello I can’t talk. I try and answer her questions but I just can’t. I finally resort to writing the answers down. Then more waiting and the doctor comes in and starts to ask more questions. Once again Hello I can’t talk. I again resort to writing the answers down. The doctor does her exam and does a strep test. Sure enough I have strep throat. Great, now I can’t go back to work. She gives me a prescription for some medication. I leave the office shortly after that and drive back home. I get home,take medication and go take a nap. A few hours later I wake up and go pick up my son from daycare. Come back home and plant my but on the couch. I pretty much haven’t moved since. So to recap the cold is winning. I hope to finally score when the medication kicks in. Well, I am off to get some much needed sleep. I hope everyone stays well.