Five mini blogs


I don’t really have enough of one thing to make a post, but I wanted to post something since I was silent all day. So here it goes.
1. What started out has a cough has now turned into congestion and a cough. I hate being sick. I did get to take a nap today. Thank god. Little man and I took one together. We both haven’t been feeling well so we needed a good nap. But some how even after a nap I feel drained.

2. I grabbed a tissue to blow my nose this morning and after I blew my nose I noticed there was something moving, it was a bee. I of course freaked out and soon found something to the kill the bee with and disposed of him outside.

3. I got lucky and only worked half a day today. So that meant I got spend time with little man. I love hanging out with him. And lately he has been stuck to me like glue, which I don’t mind. We played games, colored pictures and then took a trip to Walmart, which took way longer then usual. I won’t go into details but I’m glad we made it out alive.

4. Right now I should be asleep but somehow I felt the need to write, so here I am. And speaking of sleep I could really use more if it.

5. Tomorrow is Sunday and I plan on doing nothing as I do must Sundays. The one day I declare a lazy day where I often lie around in my pajamas until late into the morning and just enjoy the day. Sundays growing up were always slow and quiet, I have carried that on and little man seems enjoy it as well.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and now I really must get some sleep.


3 thoughts on “Five mini blogs

  1. A ‘do nothing Sunday’ – wow, come to think of it I don’t remember having one like that since I was first married in the early 90’s. Good for you, might help shift feeling crap too đŸ™‚
    Happy Sunday then. UNCLE SPIKE

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