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The Daily Prompt asks: NASA is building a new Voyager spacecraft that will carry the best of modern human culture. What belongs onboard?

What is modern culture? I did a quick Google search and this is what I found: Modern culture is the way of life, behaviour patterns, skills, institutions and all other products of the modern people. This term can also be defined as a modern or a civilised way of doing things.

With that being said today’s culture is so different for everyone and everyone has their own views on their world. As far as entertainment goes modern music,TV, movies and art are not always the best. Only the super popular of those categories gets noticed and that is what people view as modern culture. Our culture is so much more than that. We live in a world were people don’t even have shoes and clean water. Issues like those are far more important to our culture then the famous people of today’s entertainment world. There are  people who don’t have homes or know where their next meal is coming from, that is their culture. Your culture maybe that you don’t have money for that coffee you really want or the next version of the phone you want. That might be a little extreme but you get the picture. All I am saying is why do we have to be  so focused on the small percent of people who get noticed and not the neighbors sitting right next to us?

I know there people out there are  trying to help those that need it and they are doing great things, but some how all we hear about is the Miley Cyrus and the Kim Kardashians are of the world. Not to  say that they aren’t doing good things and the media tends to make mountains out of mole hills, yet when someone from the outside looks down on our world what do you think they would say?  I think they would be confused and wonder what is happening. My hope is that by the  time today’s children are grown the world will be a better place.

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  4. Well, said. We have people all around us who deserve attention. What if the media turned the spotlight on some of the good things that people do instead of Miley. Check out one of my favorite blogs.

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  10. Great post! You are very right. This is one of the very reasons why the news and I have such a love/hate relationship! On one hand I feel it is important to watch and read both the main stream and alternative news (although really how do we ever know what is real anymore?). Yet I hate watching the news because it is always so negative, or focused on such unimportant things. I believe that if our news focused a lot more on the positive in our world we would all feel a lot more positive in our everyday lives! The positive and negative energies that surround us make so much more of an impact on our lives and our children’s lives than we think!

  11. Good point well made. I don’t know about you but I often find the news is about what will sell newspapers and not what I actually want to know. But I have a question for you! If you could put one thing on the space craft that represents you right now at this time in your life what would it be?

  12. Interesting reading. I agree with your view and think that media should cover more realistic news (not “OMG Miley twerking” etc) about how our world is quite f***d up. But in the same time i wont let my daughter watch news cause of the violence and negativity.
    I understand that the world we live in is in needing hand of all, but I really think only about my family and myself. How i could make their life happy etc and don’t want to think about third world countries.

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