Daily Prompt:As seen on TV


Write a script for a late-night infomercial — where the product is your blog. How do you market yourself? What qualities do you embody that other “products” don’t? What are the benefits of reading your blog?

I am not a huge fan of infomercials nor am I very good at selling myself but I will try and  tell you why I think you will like reading my blog. My blog Motherhood and Beyond is a place where I share my experiences and life adventures.  I am a single mother of a three year old and every day is adventure. Like just yesterday while taking my son to preschool I got held up in an impromptu meeting with the schools physical therapist. He tells me that when he was evaluating my son he feel six times and was having trouble staying focused. He recommended a pressure vest,which little man wears at school, to have at home. I told him I would have to think about it. I know my son has some developmental problems but sometimes I just can’t handle it. OK well now that I have told you all a story. I hope you stick around and follow my blog. And feel free to share your own stories.

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