The concert


I wrote this in response to the weekly writing challenge. I hope you like it.

My spot near the stage is exactly where I want to be. My friends are surrounding me and we are feeling the rush of energy surrounding us which is almost too much to handle. We can feel the beat of the music inside us, almost like it has taken over our bodies. We can’t help but let it. We are clapping our hands and screaming words to songs that we know by heart. The band is playing our favorite song and we can’t help but dance. We are sweaty and we have lost our voices, but we don’t care. We continue to scream and shout the lyrics to our favorite song. The concert is almost over and just when you think you don’t have any energy left the lead singer asks you to jump with him during the last song and some how you find the last little bit of energy you have and pick your feet up off the ground. The lights come on and we walk out, saying that was amazing,lets do it again.

The crowd is screaming and clapping as we playing our hit song and the people are jumping and clapping. The words and notes I know by heart. I can feel the heat of the lights and my voice is barely hanging in there, but I can see the smiling faces of the front row which makes me want to give them more. I can feel the rush of energy in the room as the crowd sings the words we wrote. The concert is almost over and the final song needs to go out with a bang, I think I have enough energy to jump. I walk out to the end of stage and encourage the crowd to jump with me. Now the whole crowd is jumping and singing. We walk off stage and the excitement is still in the air, and its off to the next city.


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