20 things you didn’t (necessarily) know yet


My blogger friend Francis over at farfromdone  posted a list of 20 questions and 20 answers . So I thought I would do the same and give you a little insight to me. I hope you enjoy.

The book that changed my life:
I don’t know if it changed my life but I really like it. And that would be My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picolt.


The quote that keeps me sane:
“This music is a place to hide”-Dancing in The Wind by Hanson


The best advice I’ve ever received:

hmmm thats a tough one… I guess would be “Just be yourself.” I’m sure who gave me the advice but it has served me well.

The film I’ve watched again and again:

Save the Last Dance


The song I want played at my funeral:
With You In Your Dreams-Hanson


The scent that evokes pleasant memories:
Vanilla because my house growing up always seemed to smell of Vanilla.


The piece of furniture that will become an heirloom:
I really don’t know.


The picture that is worth a thousand words:











Me and little man when he was about one month old.

The item that takes pride of place in my wardrobe:
Probably just an old pair of really comfortable jeans.


The gadget that I can’t live without:
My Iphone 5C


The item I’d save in a fire:

I don’t know probably family pictures

The characteristic I like most in myself:
I’m a really good listener.


The characteristic I like least in myself:

I have a tendency to hold things back.


The last time I cried:
When I was a concert recently and they played a song that reminded me of a Grandfather figure that died a little over a year ago.


It was the best of times:

Just being a kid and playing and not having a care in the world.


It was the worst of times:
When my parents got divorced.


The person I call when things go pear-shaped:

My best friend

My death row dinner:

A meal we call the last meal on earth. It’s melted butter, old bay seasoning, shrimp and crusty bread. You melt the butter in the oven and then add shrimp and old baby seasoning. Let cook until shrimp is cooked. Heat crusty bread in oven. And the way you eat this meal is you dip the bread in the sauce and you just eat the shrimp. The bread and sauce is the best part.

My pet peeve:

People that use um and oh for other word when talking.

My four-legged friend:

I don’t have four-legged friend. Maybe someday.

5 thoughts on “20 things you didn’t (necessarily) know yet

  1. I love love love the pic of you and lil man.
    There’s a bag of shrimp in the freezer that was going to be scampi BUT I’m picking up some old bay and crusty bread at the Shop-Rite tomorrow. I’ve heard of Hanson, and probably have heard their songs on the radio and just don’t know its them, but I will be looking them up on You Tube. Waving at you and lil man wildly. :-):-):-)

    • Waving back and I hope you like the last meal in earth. And I live that picture too. It was also fun to have them done. There was another of just his feet and the photographer added and our family grew by two feet. I almost used that one but changed my mind. Anyway enjoy your dinner.

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