Much needed help


I started a fan page for my blog on Facebook and I when I started it I had some great ideas to make it great. I figured the page would be a great place to post my blog to so that people who are not part of wordpress can enjoy and comment. I did get some interest from only a few people and I think that brought my confidence level down a little bit and I sorta forgot about the page and even though I have it set up to post my blog there automatically people just weren’t interacting like I thought they would. So then the other day I figured it was time to delete the page. I went through the motions and has it turns out Facebook gives you 14 days to change your mind. I still have it set to be deleted, but now I am thinking maybe I can change the direction of the page and people might interact more. Only problem is  am having a hard time coming up with ideas. This is where you all come in, maybe you can help me by telling me what I could do differently, what you might like to see on the page and if its still worth keeping. Any and all ideas will be considered and if used I will give you credit. Thanks for all the help in advance.


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