Grandpa to the rescue


Grandpa saved the day. When the daycare lady called me and told me that the bus didn’t come and pick up my son for school panic started to settle in. The daycare lady lives maybe two blocks from the school but she couldn’t walk him there because she had to many other kids to deal with and I couldn’t really leave work to take him.
I work with my mom aka grandma and she called grandpa to see if he could take him. Problem solved. Grandpa could walk down to daycare and walk my son to school.
Now here comes another phone call from the bus barn asking me where to take my son after school. To daycare I tell them. Oh we have that as a call in bases. No that is not the case. The bus driver tried to take my son home. I would like to see who they were going to leave my son with. I was pretty mad. The bus barn people just can’t get it right. This is not the first time they have messed up and I’m worried one day something horrible will happen and then they will have one mad mama to deal with. Well I sure hope the rest if day gets better and a big thank you to grandpa.

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