Your entire community — however you define that; your hometown, your neighborhood, your family, your colleagues — is guaranteed to read your blog tomorrow. Write the post you’d like them all to see.

The people I consider to be my community already read my blog. In fact just the other day my mom said she really enjoys reading my blog and she can see how much I enjoy I writing it. Other friends have said things similar to my mom. It makes me feel good to know that people I care about are enjoying my blog. The people around me are very supportive and loving.

I started this blog for me, a place to share stories and ideas with people outside of my community and I have enjoyed every minute of it. When I look back at my first posts and then at recent posts I can see that my writing as evolved in just the short time I have had this blog. And I have met so many wonderful people and have read so many great blogs, which provide inspiration on a daily basis. So thank you to everyone for supporting me and my blog.

Inspired by the Daily Post