A letter to a friend


My dear friend why must you punch me in the stomach once every month? You know I don’t like it when you do. You also make me moody and cause bleeding. You push me until I can’t take it anymore and when push back you push even harder.
We have been in this relationship for a very long time and you have never made me happy. You only bring pain. I know you are needed in order to bring new life into the world but why all the pain.
When you went on vacation for nine months I was thrilled. But then I soon realized I was greeted with another friend that brought even more pain, just in a different way. I even went to the hospital, where I stayed for three days.
Then one day you came back and you pushed your way into my life again. I tried to shove back but you wouldn’t listen. You just laughed and started causing problems again. My mood seemed to change every five seconds and my body hurt from all the pushing.
Even has I write this to you, you are causing pain. And enough with the pushing. I can’t take it any more. How long are going to stay this time? Three to seven days? Seems about right. You come around once a month and stay for the same length of time. I should be used to your methods but you make it hard to like you.
Oh and one more thing. Why is that every time you come around I find myself needing extra padding? Oh right the bleeding. The thing I hate the most.
I can’t wait for you to leave again and I hope you never come back.



4 thoughts on “A letter to a friend

  1. My “dear” friend is just about out of my life now that I am nearly 52, and believe me she is not missed – ever. Feel better. Much bloglove.

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