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sunshine-awardLife Confusions over at Life Confusions  has nominated me for the sunshine award! Thank You Life Confusions for the award. Her blog spreads lots of sunshine, go check her out.

So the rules of this award are the following:

1) Use the logo above in the post.
2) Link to whoever nominated you.
3) Write ten pieces of information about yourself.
4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.”
5) Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.


Pieces of information about myself

I love pepperoni pizza.

Purple is my favorite color.

Sundays are my lazy day and any day off is my favorite day of the week.

I love to snuggle with my son.

I have a secret love for Eminem(oops not a secret anymore)

I love music and listen to it almost 24 hours a day.

I wish I could draw.

I love to bake and chocolate chip cookies are my speciality.

I dislike drama

I can’t chew bubble gum anymore.


Now for my nominees











I know that I didn’t nominated 10 people but those five blogs were the ones that stood out. I hope everyone  accepts and thanks for spreading sunshine.














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