The Daily Prompt asks: For many of us the seasons are changing, bouncing unpredictably between cold and warm. Are you glad to be moving into a new season, or wishing for one more week of the old?

Where I live we really don’t get actually seasons. Yes it gets cold in the fall and winter and warm in the spring and summer, but in the winter we don’t get snow we just get a lot of rain and really low temps. The temperatures get so cold that you think its going to snow but it hardly ever does. Right now we are having rain, which we will have until about April or May. I wish we could have some warmer weather, I miss summer. Don’t get me wrong I do love winter because of the holidays that are celebrated because that means I get to see my family and create memories. But there is just something about the warm summer sun and the long days that I just love. But I guess I will embrace the rain for now.