Potty training


While I was gone on my epic road trip grandma started potty training little man. They spent lots of time talking about it and they read books on it and little man had a few successes and she would give him prizes for going potty in the potty.
Now that I have been home for almost week he has had a few more successes and he stays drier longer. But one thing I am getting tired of is watching this one Elmo movie called Elmo’s potty time. I know he is soaking it all in and it will help him but it’s hard to watch just because of the subject matter.
Oh and to top it off little and daycare lady hasn’t been very understanding. Little man never sits still so it’s hard to get to sit on the potty and often times I have to calm him down by talking softly to him and get him talking about things he likes and he will sit still and do his business in the potty. I explained all this to the daycare lady and I thought she understood but I guessed wrong. Yesterday little man seemed to always we this pants and never once did he go in the potty. The daycare lady was mad and told she didn’t think he was rash and wasn’t sure how long she was going to last. I told her that he is ready and that if she was patient with him he would go I the potty but that was still going to have accidents until he figures it out. Today she said he was dry almost day but never went in the potty or I his pants. He seemed to hold it. He did go pee in his pull up at nap time. She seemed happy about this. I wasn’t thrilled that he seemed to hold it but happy that he stayed dry all day.
I know the process is going to take a while and I’m on with that but it’s so frustrating some times. I’m sure you other parents will agree with me. And I’m sure you all have your stories or ideas I how to help. Feel free to share them with me.

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  1. i’m sorry, caregivers have to understand it is a process, one step forward two steps back, and it will take some time. this is all new to a child and they need to feel comfortable and confident and okay if it doesn’t work out on the adults’ timeline. his time will come and he is on his way. i’m a kindergarten teacher, and know that children develop at all different times and in all different ways. what you are doing, and your approach, is right in my opinion, and you are very kind and understanding, just what he needs. all of a sudden, one day, he will arrive and it will be very natural and easy for him. i wish that everyone around him understood this. best, beth

    • Thanks for your kind words. Things gave gotten a little better but not much. Now he won’t even go when he his there. I think I am going to find another daycare. I hate to do that but he feels uncomfortable about going to the bathroom there then she is not working out. And she is not very understanding.

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