Hiding under a rock


The past few days I feel like I have been hiding under a rock. I have been recovering from my trip and hanging out with my son. Things started off slow and my son has stuck to me like glue since I got back. My life is slowing getting back to “normal”. My first day back to work was Saturday and I locked myself out of a program I needed because I forgot the password. I had to use someone elses password. I had Sunday off and I didn’t do anything just relaxed and tried to catch up on sleep. Today was hard because I still haven’t caught up on sleep and it was a busy day at work. But I survived! I have tomorrow off and hope to sleep in. I know that won’t happen because my son never sleeps in. Oh well. I hope to also start posting on a regular bases to get back in the grove. But for now I am going to relax some more.


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