Concert number three: Vancouver BC


After traveling 941 miles and sitting in the rain for a total of 28 hours the best week ever is over. The Vancouver,BC concert ended my week with a bang. We got to the venue at 7:30am and we set up our chairs and got a  number on our hands. We were numbers 11 and 12. Standing in line proved to be very interesting, the homeless people in Vancouver,I have to say were the strangest out of the three cities. A few hours go by and this girl comes up to us and asks if we are homeless or if we are just mocking the homeless. We explained what we were doing and she backed off a little but every time she walked by she would glare at us. Another man came over and asked if he could take our picture, my friend said sure if you want to. He pulls out a piece of cardboard and proceeds  to draw our picture. And when he was done he then asks if we have any change. And when we said we didn’t(which was true) he got mad and threw his other piece of cardboard in the street and stormed off.


drawing homeless guy drew.

Before this concert there was a private member only event which Hanson does for fan club members. I had front row and Hanosn played songs from their new EP and took some questions from the fans. After the private concert we all got  group pictures with the band. I got a hug from the drummer and when we were finding our places for the show(I got front row for the show too.) the drummer walks over  to the drums and picks up a set list from the private concert and starts walking  in my direction and holds it out I barely got the set list. I think my arms were just a little bit longer then my friend standing next to me.

Private event set list

Private event set list

Now more waiting ensues. We don’t have to wait long for the opener to the take the stage. I liked the opener’s  music but it was a little mellow for daily listening.  The opener played for about 45 minutes and then there was another half and hour of waiting for Hanson. Hanson came out on stage and the crowd went wild and they started things off with the first track from their new album called Anthem. They played for about two hours and I got some amazing pictures. I will post some of them here but most of them are on my personal Facebook. If you want to see  the rest of the pictures feel free to leave a comment and I will give details. Now for some pictures.

Isaac Hanson

Isaac Hanson


Taylor Hanson


Zac Hanson