Concert number two: Seattle


The Seattle concert was last night and it was pretty amazing. The crowd however was not. I felt ashamed to be standing among most of them. The band even had I stop after trying to play the second song of the night to get people to take a step back and give people some space.
Michelle and I got to the venue at about 9:30am and were number 15 and 16 in line. We brought chairs with us this time so we set up our chairs and settled in for the wait. Mother Nature was nice to us and brought the sunshine out for a little bit and then came the rain. The rest of the day consisted of on and off rain and sun.
The doors opened at 7pm and we waited for about hour for the opener to come on. He played for about an hour and he was amazing as usual. And since was his last night on tour Hanson  played a prank on the opener. I won’t try to explain the prank because was just too awesome. Hanson played some rare songs and rocked the house for a solid two hours.
Today Michelle and I are headed to Vancouver,BC to see Hanson again.
I will be posting the few pictures I took. I didn’t get to many because my view of the stage was not that good. I’m hoping Vancouver is a better experience than Seattle. I will tell you all about it later.