Concert Number one: Portland,OR


Hey everyone it’s been a few days since I have written anything. I have been having a great time.
Portland,OR was the location for the first concert. My friend Michelle and I left her house at about 9am and keep in mind we were in the middle of a rain storm but we were determined to get to the venue. We got to the venue at about 10am and proceed to stand inline with the rest of the fans. Hanson fans are known for getting to concert venues early and standing in line all day, some people even camp out. The fans start the number system where you start with first person in line and write the number one on your hand and go on down line writing the next number. That way you can leave your place in line and be able to come back to your spot.
Michelle and I stop in the poring rain for almost two hours before we got smart and went to find an umbrella. And yes we know how stupid that was.
Us fans talked all day and had fun reminiscing about our past concert experiences and our encounters with the band in order to past the time.
Michelle won a meet and greet through a local radio station so we got to meet band and get out picture taken. I don’t have the picture yet but I will post it when I get it.
The doors opened at 7pm and we rushed to the front if the stage and stood our ground. The opening band which was Paul McDonald was amazing and really go the crowd pumped up. I will be checking his music out.
Hanson came on at around 9pm and started the concert off with a song from their album Anthem. And continued to at for a solid two hours. I lost my voice and got tons of pictures. I posted the pictures on my personal Facebook page if any is interested in seeing them let me know and I will give the details on how to find me and then you can request to be my friend and look at the pictures. I would post them here but there are way I many to choose from and I am not near a computer right now. Tomorrow is concert number two in Seattle. I will tell all the details hopefully on Tuesday. So be sure and check back.


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  1. Would very much like to be Facebook friends with you. I’m Frances DeMartino – feel free to send me an invite. 🙂 Glad you are enjoying your break.

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time! I’m Heather and I was hoping you could email me regarding a question I have about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at) 🙂

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