Mini vacation starts now!


My work day has ended which means no more work until next Saturday. Today was a pretty good day. Even though little man ended up going to the doctor. He was complaining about his head hurting, ie: ear pain. And since I work where he goes to the doctor I was able to get him right in. Good news he doesn’t have an ear infection.  I still don’t know why he was so cranky but I think he just wanted to be home. I have worked everyday but one since Wednesday last week.  I don’t blame him I wanted to be home too. And tonight I finally have chance to just relax and not have to get up too early tomorrow. Here’s to hoping little man sleeps in.Tomorrow will be a busy day I have to pack and run last minute errands. And then Friday I hit the road. I am so excited.Can you tell? Well I think its off to relax. I will keep you all updated.