Should have worn roller skates


I walked into work with a smile on my face ready to tackle the work day. The phones turned on a few minutes later and the smile quickly faded from my face. The phone never stopped ringing all day. Me and my co workers around in organized chaos. Everyone was running in every direction like they had roller skates on. And apparently I missed the memo where we were all going to wear roller skates to work. I was moving fast but not fast enough. I seemed to be diving for the ringing phone, only to find some one screaming at me on the other end. I know the person on the other end is not mad at me but sometimes its hard not to get caught up in it.

Five o’clock came and I ran out of the building in a flash. I couldn’t wait to get home. I did a little happy dance in the car. I cranked the music up and sped off to go pick up my son. I open the door to see my son and he runs to me and gives me the hugest hug. That made my day so much better. Seeing his smiling face and knowing that he had a great day just seem to melt my horrible away. Now that he is asleep in his bed I can now enjoy some quiet time.


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