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There seems to bad communication today. I take my son to daycare in hopes that the bus will pick him up there an take him to preschool. I get a call about half an hour after he supposed to be at school from daycare asking if he was supposed to go to school today. Yes he is to go to school today. I say. What happened? The bus never came and picked him up. But I am waiting for one more kid to arrive and then we will just walk him up there. Great thank you. End of conversation. I think everything is fine. Oh no then about an hour after I talk to the daycare lady I get a phone call from the preschool teacher. Is little man coming to school today? I thought he was there, the bus never came but his daycare lady was going to walk him there. He should be there by now. I will call her and find out what happened. I call the daycare lady and ask why little man is not at school. Oh the other child arrived late and I didn’t think an hour was worth it. I say well the teacher wants him there because the speech specialist is there and wants to see him. Oh well I will walk him up there. Ok thank you.
I love how the daycare lady just decides that my child is not going to school because of the time he was going to spend there. She is not the parent. I his parent and even I say he going to school then he going to school. Strike one for the daycare lady.


5 thoughts on “Miss communication

  1. Sorry she didn’t see the importance of that hour. It’s the impression people have of school at that age – finger painting, snack time, playing…I was just reading a post recently somewhere about 4 year olds having homework assignments. You need to tell her it’s way more than finger painting for your lil man. If you think of it as a strike you’ll be looking for more. Consider it a learning experience for you both. She has to run any decisions about certain things by you, and you have to make sure she realizes how important those thing are for the lil guy’s well being. Sending much good vibes your way.

    • Yes school at his age is very important. Even more so because he is behind developmentally and he needs all the help he can get. I will talking with her when I pick him up.

      • I know he likes her, which means she cares about him – kids are great judges of character. She will be a great ally for you. Sending my best to you and lil man.

      • Everything is ok now. We talked and she understands how important it is that he goes to school. I have calmed down a little bit and I know he is going to a great daycare and today there was just some bad communication between both parties. But things are going to be fine.

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