10 not so blog worthy topics


I feel the need to write about these things but they just don’t deserve a whole blog to themselves.

10. I am not ready for daylight savings. It is getting darker and darker way to early these days. I much prefer summer when the days are long and the sun it out. Winter is just not any fun. I like the holidays that winter brings but not the snow. And my birthday is in winter so I guess I like it for those reasons, but I don’t like snow and I hate being cold.

9. Potty training sucks. However little man did go in the toilet for the first time today. There is hope! I know its going to take a while and I am ready for battle. I know he’s ready and wants to tackle the potty. Today I put training underwear on him and the daycare lady said he almost went threw all of his change of clothes by lunch time. She had to put a pull up back him or he wasn’t going to have anything to wear. Now its time to tackle the laundry.

8. I upgraded to iOS7 and I am still forming an opinion on rather I like it or not. Its going to take some time to get used to that’s for sure. It looks way different, its almost like learning how to use the phone for the first time. My Facebook and Twitter have been full of people asking how to do something because they can’t figure out how to do it now. Oh and when I was downloading it, which took forever, and it had finished I went to install and it told me it was unavailable and try again later. I tried three more times and it finally worked.

7. I found myself saying if I have to answer the phone one more time…. at work today. Work was crazy today. One girl called out so we were short handed and the phones were ringing off the hook and people seemed all show up at once for their appointments. I wish I had worn my roller skates to work. I hope tomorrow isn’t has crazy.

6. In nine days I am leaving to go  see my favorite band in concert three times. My trip will take from Portland, OR to Vancouver,BC. I can’t wait. The excitement is building and building as each day passes. However, it will be the longest time that me and little man have spent apart. I hope he understands. Grandma is going to watch him while I am gone. I hope grandma is up for it. Thanks again grandma!

5.  I started a daily prompt and I need people to actually take  part. When I had the idea I posted a blog about it and I got some interest so I started it. It’s been a week and only one person has actually done the prompt. Thanks to that one person(you know who you are).  If I don’t get some people to take part in the prompt then I am going to stop the prompt. I really don’t want to do that.

4. I need more chocolate. For some reason today I couldn’t get enough of the sweet stuff. I bought a chocolate bar while on a break and I didn’t want it to end. I was sad when I had eaten all. Ok well that was not really something you all needed to know but oh well.

3. I think I will skip #3

2. #2 can wait until tomorrow

1. I love when Little man goes to bed. Mommy time! Speaking of bed time. It’s almost time for little man’s bedtime!!!!