The call


My attempt at dialogue. Inspired by the Weekly Writing Challenge.


“Sorry I missed your call leave your name and number and I will call you back” I heard his voice say on the voice mail.

“I need you now.” Was all I could muster up. I hung up the phone and cried.

“Hello” I hear myself say

“Hello its Todd you called me earlier.”

“Oh Todd I’m so glad you called back.” “I need your help.”

“With what?” He says unsure of himself

“I want you to be the father.” I manage to say

“You what?” “But we aren’t together.” You can’t raise a child on your own.”

“Sure I can.” I say confident in myself.

“I want to help, I really do. But I’m not sure.”

“I understand that you may need time to think about it.” “Take has much time has you need.”

“OK” he says and hangs up the phone.