Happy Friday the 13th


friday13Friday the thirteenth has never been a good day for my family. It started with my mom. When she was in her teens she begged her mom, who never goes anywhere on Friday the thirteenth, to go out for lunch. In my grandma’s new car. Now my mom has three other siblings and my grandma was a single mom, so having a new car was special. They made it to the diner and while parking my mom pushed the gas instead of the brake and ran into a light pole. Nobody got hurt and all my mom could do was laugh, my Grandma on the other hand I believe was mad.

The next story comes from when I was in high school, I hadn’t had my drivers license for very long and we lived right out the city limits. You had to merge onto a highway to get into town. I was on my way to a football game at the local high school. I remember sitting at the stop sign waiting to merge onto the highway. I see my chance I decide to go for it. I take my foot of the brake and start to merge onto the highway. Only to t-bone the white car that was trying to turn onto the road I was on. I have no idea I didn’t see the white car. Nobody got hurt that I remember.

My sister got in an accident on Friday the thirteenth too, only I can’t remember the details of that story. And the point of all this? Seeing as today is Friday the thirteenth I am hoping that nothing tragic happens. I will look forward to the strange phone calls at work and laughing about them later and if any other strange things happen I will laugh at them too. Hope everyone has a great day.