“The couch is more comfortable than the sidwalk.”


That is what I said to Isaac Hanson when I met him and his brothers, who make up the band Hanson, five years ago today.  Well that wasn’t the first thing I said. Let me start at the beginning.

It’s the year 2008 and I have been in love with  the band Hanson since 1997 and they have just announced that they are going on tour and dates and tickets would be announced soon.  I recently had lost my job and my fiance, who was a Marine at the time was in Japan. The day had come that tour dates were released. I am so excited I can’t contain myself. I scroll down the  list hoping for a city near me. Yes, they are coming to a city near me. My excitement only lasted  for a second longer because I realized I had no money and therefore would not be able to go. I sulked around the house for a few days and my room-mate got sick of  it one day and suggested that I ask my fiance to buy me a ticket.

The next day when I talked to him online I asked him and he said yes. I was over joyed. Words couldn’t describe the level of excitement I had. I bought a ticket. Through Hanson’s  website each member of the fan club can enter to win a meet and greet and one lucky person gets chosen to be the reporter for the show that person get to interview the band,take pictures during show and then gets to write about their experience and it all gets posted on the fan club’s website. I entered to win a meet and greet, thinking oh I won’t get one, too many people will enter  and I am not that lucky. They notify the winners by email so for the next few months I checked my e-mail like a crazy person.

One day I was sitting there checking my e-mail again like normal and there to my surprise was a notification that I had won reporter for my show. I was so shocked I did a double take and sure enough I wasn’t dreaming I had actually won. I screamed so loud with excitement my room mate thought something wrong. She came running in and wondered what was wrong. I screamed nothing is wrong, I just won a chance to meet Hanson. She, not being a fan just laughed and shook her head. I was so excited that for the next few weeks I told anybody that listen that I won a meet and greet. A few days later I got instructions on what was expected of me during the  show. I was told I needed to come up  with five to seven questions to ask the band and to remember to bring a camera and something to have the band sign. Thinking of questions was harder then I thought. I realized that I really didn’t have anything I wanted to know, so I turned to the fan club  I posted a thread on the forums asking if anybody had questions and sure enough I got tons of replies. I picked the best ones and wrote them down.

Fast forward to the the day of the show. The night before I couldn’t sleep. I did manage to get three hours, but I didn’t care I was going to meet my favorite band, I didn’t need sleep. I get up early and drive the venue, which in the heart of downtown. Hanson fans are known for lining up early for a show, so getting to the venue early was not a strange thing. In fact I was like 5th in line. I made a few friends and even more after they realize I am the reporter. We talk and keep ourselves busy through out the day.  We take  part in the one mile bare foot walk for charity, if you want to know more go here.

After the walk I started to get that giggly, butterflies in the stomach feeling. I just couldn’t believe that in a few hours my dream was going to come true. I waited until some one called for all the meet greeters to gather around. We were given our passes and then lead into the venue and right there in front of me was the reason I was so nervous. I slowly  walked toward them. I then come face to face with Isaac Hanson, we shake hands and say hello. I hand him a CD insert to sign and he asks me how to spell my name, which I spell for him, only to find out later that I had spelled it wrong. Face palm! The CD insert gets passed around between the brothers and I shake hands with the other  two as well. We exchange hello’s and I step back so the rest of the group can meet them too. After everybody has met them. Hanson leads me up some  stairs to  small room with a black couch and some other furniture , which I can’t remember. I sit down on the couch and Isaac sits down next to me. And the first thing out of my mouth is “the couch is more comfortable than the sidewalk.” He just gives me this look and says “I hope so.”

On that note we start the interview and I get to ask all my questions, we say our goodbye’s and I get lead to my seat. My nerves did go away somewhere in the middle of the interview but not enough to notice. I had an awesome time, the show was great but my pictures didn’t turn out very well. I just remember wanting to go to sleep somewhere near the end of the show. The show ends and I walk back to my car and go home and then to bed. I will never forget that day, I remember it like it was yesterday. I had such a great time. I have met the band a few other times and each time I have said something similar to what I said to Isaac that day. Its the nerves talking, I swear. I have to say I was so excited to see this daily prompt it showed up on the perfect day.

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  1. You did a great job telling this story; my mouth often says things without my brain’s permission… I did notice that the tense changed back and forth during the post, switching between past and present tense, but it was a well-worded and interesting memory!

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