Meeting the new preschool teacher


Was a little like the first day of school. She would ask questions and my mind would go blank.

Little man had been going to developmental preschool at a local elementary school for the last part of the school year. Summer came at went and I had yet to hear from the teacher about this year. She finally called me and said that since all day kindergarten has been implemented state wide,she would no longer be teaching preschool but kindergarten and that Little man would be going to a new school. I thanked her for the information and then was told to wait for the new teacher to contact me.

The day the new teacher called to set up a meet and greet and IEP(Individualized Education Program) for today. We agreed on a time and I got instructions on where to meet her. I walked up the steps to the school and walked into the front office and told the nice lady who I was here to see and my name. She picked up the phone and called the teacher to tell her she had a visitor in the office.

I take a seat and wait for this person who I have never met to come to the office. She arrives and introduces herself and tells me she isn’t sure where we are having the meeting. Tells me to take a seat and she will figured it out. I take a seat and I don’t have to wait long before she comes back and leads me to her classroom. We take a seat at a kidney shaped table with tiny chairs and begin the meeting.

The preschool teacher, Mrs M. hands me a copy of the IEP to look at while we go over it. I am confused for most of it and I have ask lots of questions and she kindly answers them. The school’s speech therapist joins us and I express my concerns for Little man’s speech. He has always been a little behind and its something we struggle with daily.

Little man doesn’t currently qualify for speech services according to the IEP, but since I have concerns the therapists says she will evaluate Little man for speech. I agree and then comes the famous question do you have any questions?

I do have questions but at that moment my mind goes blank and I can’t think of them. I say I’m sure I do but it will take some time to process it all. Next Mrs. M  says tell me about Little man, what are is strengths and what are his weakness. Once again my mind goes blank for a minute, but I compos myself and I am able to to relay the information. Deep breath.. I managed to speak and not get tongue tied. Usually when I am asked this question I don’t know where to start and I get tongue tied. Since Little man’s medical history is complicated, which has caused some issues both medical and non medical. Its hard to judge how much information I need to give.

After I am done bragging about Little man Mrs. M says she has some paper work for me to fill out and asks if I have a minute. No sooner did she ask that when my phone rings. Its the lady that is watching Little man and she wants to know if she lay him down for a nap. I tell her sure. And that I am going to fill out some paper work and then I will be done. She is going to call me when he wakes up and I will go pick him up.

Mrs. M leads me back to the front office and I start on the paper work. Just or basic school registration forms, which don’t take long to fill out. I turn the paper work in and I walk back down the steps and walk back to my car. I head home and decide I better I better feed my growling stomach. I grab some lunch and now I am just waiting for a phone call.

Overall I really like Mrs. M and I am sure Little man will too. He loves going to school and riding bus so it won’t be a problem getting him to go.