First day of School=Crazy work day


As many of you know I work at the only Pediatric Clinic in town and we see 90% of the children in town. During the winter we are crazy busy as it is, but yesterday since it was the first day of school everyone felt the need to call us last-minute claiming they need some form signed or that they need a copy of their child’s immunizations for school.Normally we don’t get forms signed in one day but yesterday I swear we did. We are able to provide immunizations same the day, but the website were we are able to print the state official form was on overload and made the process even slower. And since parents were being over the top demanding it made it hard to smile and not scream at them.  Over the course of the day the phones never stopped ringing and the demand from our patients grew and grew. Sometimes I think we are too nice and bend over backwards for our patients that demand the world for us. Don’t get me wrong I love our patients and I usually don’t mind bending over backwards, but when you call last-minute wanting a form signed by the doctor, when you have had all summer to get the form signed, it can be bothersome.

I should say that it’s not the kids fault, but the parents fault. We have to deal with parents as well as the kids, which can sticky sometimes. Our motto is that if the kid NEEDS to be seen we will see them. We try very hard to get everyone in same day or the next day. And yet some parents TRY and “walk” all over us. Which causes all sorts of problems.

Our office is small so you can feel the tension when it rises which can make things hard to deal with sometimes. Yesterday may have been chaos but we all managed to please most everyone and still leave with our smiles that we walked in with. I left tired and accomplished but I was ready to see Little man and enjoy my night. I went to bed early and woke up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Oh and in all the chaos yesterday I forgot to mention that yesterday I posted my 100th post! Not a huge accomplishment but still work mentioning.