Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap


I have thought long and hard about Miley Cyrus performance on the MTV Video Awards and my first reaction was OMG this is disgusting, why am I watching this. Needless to say I turned the TV off about five minutes into her performance. I later watched the rest of it online afterwards just to see what everybody else was talking about.

As a mother of a young child I am ashamed to say that she could be considered somebodies role model. Yes, she is an adult and she can do as she pleases but when you are in the public eye you get judged for everything you do and people look down certain things and I think the general public is looking down on her performance.

On the flip side any press is good press as they say. While the public may not like what she did. Since people keep talking about her she is getting press and that will make people remember what she did good or bad. If you didn’t know her name before you do now. You may or may not like her but you know who she is. I don’t know if her parents are proud of that performance, but if I was her parent I would be ashamed.

In response to the Weekly Writing Challenge.

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