All I could do was cry


All I could do was cry when I realized my concert tickets had been thrown away.
I have been planning this mini tour with my friend for months. We had planned to see our favorite band three times which going to take us threw two states and into Canada. It is going to be epic.
The tickets were purchased back in April and the plans set months ago. Since its getting close to the mini tour I decided to make sure I had everything I needed. I went to the dresser where I ha put the tickets. I can’t find them. I think it’s ok maybe you put them some place else don’t panic yet. I look in several more places and panic starts to settle in. I can find them. I call my mom because she was at my house watching little man a few days earlier. I ask did you throw away my concert tickets? No she says. Well I can’t find them. Did you look everywhere? Yes. In the trash? Yes. And then all I could do was cry. I hung up the phone and cried some more. I dried my tears and realized that two of the tickets are print at home tickets. I quickly re print them and I’m happy for a moment. I still can’t find one of the tickets and the company won’t replace it. My mom calls back and offers to help me dig threw the trash again on our lunch break. I agree to help and I leave for work.
I hope I find them. I can buy more from stub hub for more money then I paid before. Since the concert is sold out that maybe my only option. Wish me luck.


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