What’s in a name?


My first name is Danielle which is French and Hebrew in origin and mean god is my judge. My parents named me after the author Danielle Steel. My dad actually choose the name because he liked the author. My name middle name is Elizabeth and the name has been in my family for generations. Which is also Hebrew in origin and means gods promise. I like my name and in some ways its unique. However I went to school with four other Danielle’s s so it was confusing at times.

My sons first name is Brandon which is Old English in origin and means prince or brave. I picked his name out because it was a strong name and it went well with is middle, which is also his dad’s middle name. Orion is his middle which comes from the constellation with the same name.  Which is Greek in origin and means mighty hunter.  I always liked the idea of keeping family names. So when we found out I was pregnant I suggested that if we had a girl we would give her my middle name and if we had a boy we would give him my husbands(now ex-husband) middle name. Since we already had middle names we just had to pick first names. After some debate we settled on a few names for which gender and we found out we were having a boy we narrowed it down and picked Brandon. I am glad we did. I like the name and I think it fits him.

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