Family Time


After working all week and not getting to spend much time with my son, I finally got to spend a whole day with him today. It felt great. We headed out of town to the mall. He needed a few things I just wanted to get out town. I didn’t have to go out of town to get what I needed but I have wanting to take a drive for some time now. And today just felt right.

We piled into the car and off we went. A little while later we arrived at the mall. The parking lot was packed and we had to circle around a few times to finally find a spot. Which couldn’t have been further from the entrance if I tried. After trekking to the entrance we headed straight to the bathroom, which had a very long line. Now we wait… after a few minutes we finally get to do our business in the bathroom and off to the food court we go. Little man wanted chicken and fries so I managed to find a place that served just that. He was thrilled. I found something to eat and headed to a table to eat our food.

Now the tough decision, which store do we go to first? We started walking in the direction of the book store. I was looking for a new book to read and little man loves to read so I figured that was good place to start. After searching the stacks I find what I think is going to be a good book and little man has picked one out too. Next stop Kohls. I need work clothes and I heard they were having a sale. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a work clothes but I had fun looking. We headed to the toy store, just for fun. A place where little man can touch almost everything and not get in trouble. He had fun running up and down the aisles looking at everything. I had fun pretending to be a kid again. I think I had just has much fun as he did.

At this point I can tell that little man is getting cranky, time to go home. We trek bad to the car and start for home. The drive home was peaceful. Little man fell asleep so it was just me and the open road. I turned the radio up and sang along. A short drive home and now its time figure out dinner. All in all a great day. I hope everyone else is having a great Labor Day weekend.