Daily Prompt:Groundhog Day


In the comedy “Groundhog Day” Bill Murray experienced the same day again and again, stuck in a time loop until he got the day “right.” What day would you choose to repeat until you got it right? Do you think it’s ever possible to get life “right”?

As I think back on all the things I have said and done over the years, there are many that I wish I could take back. Even now that I am a mother there are some things that I wish I had done differently. Even though I wish I could take back some things, I wouldn’t change them because those actions defined me as a person. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for those moments in time.

With every mistake comes a lesson to be learned. I have learned many a lesson over my time on earth and I am sure there are many more to come. I remember thinking when I was pregnant, I will never do that to my child or how could a parent to that to their child. Now that I have a child I find myself doing some of those exact things I said I would never do. I work at a pediatric doctors office and the doctors often say before I had children I would give advice to the parents of my patients based on what should work and now that I have children my advice comes from experience and not a text book. Having children has made me a better doctor. Moral of the story when looking for a doctor for your child look for one who has children of their own. And when life throws a curve ball remember to not duck and cover but to try and catch it and learn from it.

Inspired by the Daily Post.

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