My love hate relationship with Social Media


Social Media: forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos. As defined by Merriam Webster.

Social Media really started blowing up in the early 1990’s with the start of Geocities. A community which allowed people to create websites based on urban cities. It was shut down shortly after starting. Then blogging sites start showing up after that. And finally Facebook and Twitter start dominating the  social media platform.

I love social media because I can keep in touch with my family and friends that I don’t get to see that often. I can start a blog and I can join communities and meet people from all over the world within a matter of seconds. I can keep on the news. I don’t even watch the news anymore I just log into Facebook and I get updated in seconds. And if I want to know more I wonder over to Google and do a quick search.

People all over world can share ideas and even sell things from the comfort of their homes. Before social media and the internet people used to write letters and actually have face to face interactions. You had to read newspapers to get your news and you couldn’t run to your computer to look up what Miley Cyrus did on the MTV Video Music Awards. You had know how to use a phone book and how to use a tape player. Phone books are almost extinct just like the dinosaurs. Even CD’s are becoming extinct.

I hate social media because instead of hearing about the Miley Cyrus event once I heard about it more times than I can count. I don’t really care what she does, she is adult and can make her own decisions. I know other people have different thoughts on that but I am not here to discuss that. We can leave that for a different blog. And recently my Facebook wall has been blowing up over a women that got arrested for stalking the band Hanson. Once again a person made a bad decision and now I have read about it over and over again. Another I don’t like about social media is it makes you fully aware of how popular you are Its like high school all over again. If post something you think is awesome and nobody “likes” it or retweets it you start to feel sad and wonder why. OK maybe just me. No not really but I’m sure somebody has felt that way.

And how does this all affect me? I have a three year old son and he is being influenced by the things around him. I do monitor what he watches on tv and what he sees on the internet, but there are times that he is sitting next to me while I am on Facebook or Twitter and while he can’t read he can see the pictures and he has asked about a few of them. Since he is so young I have gotten away with ignoring his comment about certain pictures. As he gets older and starts to read I will have to be really careful about what he is reading. So do all you awesome people out there please be mindful of the children when posting on your Facebook and Twitter.

In conclusion, while I like social media I hope that it doesn’t take over the world. But I fear that it already has. I will be waiting to see what the next big social media giant is for the future. And will social media continue to dominate the internet world? Only time will tell.


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