What’s your passion?


passionToday at work a co-worker brought chocolate to the office. I managed to grab a few and when I opened this one I was happy to see this saying. Not everyone has found their passion, but I have found mine.

My first passion is music. I love music and any genre will do. I listen to music almost twenty four hours a day. Minus the time I sleep. Music is playing when I write blogs, when I clean house and while I am driving.

My second passion is something I have recently gotten into which is writing. I have always had an interest in writing. I liked English class in school and in college I was even asked to take a special advanced English class. Right now I am enjoying blogging and sharing my writing with you all. I hope to continue to get better with every post.

Have you found your passion? Tell me about it.





6 thoughts on “What’s your passion?

  1. My passion is art in many forms. I love interior decorating-working with glass-jewelry making-home renovation-gardening-and many more. My first passion in life is my family- they are the basis of everything for me!!

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