An ode to Mothers


childrenOne of my goals as a mother is to see my son be a successful human being. I want to instill values in him that will last a life time. At the age of three he is headed on the right path.

When I found I was pregnant I was scared. Will I make a good mother? Am I ready? Ready or not I was going to be a mother and I was going to love him or her with all my heart.  The love you have for your child is a very different kind of love. Its the fight in you that says I will do anything for you and I will always be there for you.

I consider myself to have a great mother. She taught me how to a successful human being and she is still teaching me. The love and support that I receive from her is like no other and I only to achieve that level of love and support with my son. Truth be told I know I have. Every time I look into my son’s blue eyes I know he loves me and I know he thinks I am the bees knees. It makes me feel good to know that. Means I am doing something right.

All mothers should feel proud of themselves for raising smart,lovable children. Being a mother is not an easy  job. The pay is terrible and the hours are even worse. Your boss changes their mind every five seconds and sleep is something you no longer get, well at least for the first year or two. But its the one job most of us don’t quit. We forge forward and we reap the benefits along the way. I know I have.


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