A friend


I spent years liking you from a far.

We finally connected and it was great.

We talked until the silence fell.

I loved the way you were my friend.

Until I said something I thought I never would.

You fell silent.

Then you told me what was on your mind.

We broke apart.

I spend days mad at myself for what I had said.

I cried and got even, so I thought.

After time you came back but only for an instant.

I haven’t heard from you since that instant.

I miss you

Do you miss me?

I hope so.

The music doesn’t sound the same.

I try and try but nothing changes.

Will you come back?

I need you.

I need the music back.


2 thoughts on “A friend

  1. Sometimes we have to walk our path alone for a little while – but just this past week a friend heard from a missing in action friend – hope you are just as lucky.
    But then again I am assuming this is a true incident in your life – it feels very real.

    • Thanks for the advice. And yes its about a true incident. I needed a way to release some emotions and I find that writing poems helps for some reason. I’m feeling better now but there is still hope for us.

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