Another song


Motherhood and Beyond

Here is another song/poem I wrote. Also untitled. Hope you like it .



So many things to say and unsure of how to say them.

Please just understand I don’t mean to make things worse

I have a feeling inside I just can’t hide.

Liking you is hard enough.


I want to scream it from the mountain top.

I want to hold you in my arms tonight.

Why can’t you just tell me you like me too?

We are playing a game I can’t seem to win.


I want to be the one you hold so tight

I want to be your everything.

Your guiding light.

Your shinning star.



I watch from the outside as you

fall in love with someone ele.

And when you need a friend I am always there.

I can’t take it anymore.



I want to be the…

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