Never take a hungry three year old to Walmart


I didn’t know my three year old was hungry until we walked into walmart earlier today. He had just eaten before we left the house and even while he was in the car, how could he still be hungry. We walked in and immediately he started pointing and saying I want, I want, I want. He would point to the pudding display say yummy mommy. And then try and grab one off the shelve.

I tried to distract him by singing silly songs and playing silly games, but nothing worked he would just point and say I want I want. And if he didn’t get what he wanted he would cry. People would walk by and stare at me like I was some kind of bad person for letting my son cry and even though I would attempt to get him to stop he would cry and point to whatever it was he wanted. We walked down the cereal aisle and I picked out some Kix and he insisted on holding him. Finally something that made him happy.

He carried those Kix all the way through the store and would point things out about the box he liked and would ask me questions about what he saw on the box. And then came the dreaded check out. I knew I couldn’t just take the box away with out screaming so I quickly thought of a plan. If I could get him to give to the cashier and then ask if she would give it back to him, it just might work.

We walked up to the friendly cashier and I asked Brandon to give the box to the nice lady and that she was going to scan it and give it back to him. He seemed ok with it and nicely handed to the cashier and she quickly scanned the box and gave it back to him. He didn’t cry or anything. I was so happy my plan worked. Brandon went about talking to his box of cereal like it was his friend. He would point to objects on the box and tell whoever was listening about them.  We got done checking out and we headed for the car.

We got to the car and I put the bags of  groceries into the car and finally I asked Brandon if I could have his box and he nicely gave it to me. I was so happy when did and he didn’t seem to mind either. I put him into the car and we drove home.  Once we got home I let him carry his box into the house and everything was good until I tried to the box away in the cupboard. He got mad and started to cry. How dare I not give him any of the cereal. What was I thinking. I don’t normally let him have cereal for dinner, but I figured it can’t hurt. So I poured him a bowl and he was as happy a clam.

I think next time I make sure he isn’t hungry and bring a snack with me to the store. I don’t another unhappy child in the store. Lesson learned.



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  1. This is right up there with I don’t have to go to the bathroom, and then two minutes away from the house…I will be thinking of you when I have my 2am bowl of cereal 😉

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