Daily Prompt:Viral



The New York Times is going to feature your blog on its home page, and you’ve been asked to publish a new post — it’ll be the first thing tens of thousands of new readers see. Write it.

That is what we has parents try to do with our children. We want to install good values in our children when they are young to they grow up to be well around adults. I saw this picture on Facebook and it got me thinking are either one of these pictures really bad. No, was the answer I concluded with after a few minutes of thinking.

The picture on the left is good because many apps found on smart phones these days can help kids learn math, reading,and other valuable skills. The phone it self will teach the child about technology and how to use the technology. Which is something they are going to have use in every day life as they get older.

The picture on the right is shows that you want to teach your children how to be caring individuals and also about respect. Caring for animals is good way to install those values. There are many other ways to install these values and I am not saying other ways are wrong I was just giving some examples based off  pictures. Every parent has their own way of showing their kids things that they feel their kids need to know. I am not an expert and nor do I want to be. I just saw the picture and it made me think.

*Side note I am re posting this from earlier this month. I liked it so much I thought I would use it for the Daily Prompt.*


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