No place like home


Yesterday we got up early like most days. Only Brandon was not in the greatest of moods. He was whiny and kept saying something hurts, but I could not figure out what hurts. I hurried around trying to get ready to go and finally everything was ready. I had snacks, books and extra clothes.

Finally grandma came to pick us up. And we were off to Seattle. Brandon had an appointment at Seattle Children’s Hospital. I thought the trip would be fairly painless. Brandon likes to go on trips and he usually just entertains himself or falls asleep. Boy was I wrong.

Brandon started with something hurts and wait for it the whining. He continued to throw toys and he kept saying he was stuck. We live about two hours from Seattle and it was turning out to be LONG trip.

We were making good time until we got stuck in traffic just has we were almost there. So there we are stopped dead in our tracks. Grandma getting mad at the traffic for not moving and me trying to calm Brandon down. The traffic starts moving and Brandon calms down.

Finally we make it to the hospital and only ten minutes late. We run in and get a badge at the registration desk and run to the place where the appointment was. We check in and we wait near an orange door. A couple of minutes later we get called back. Brandon gets weighed and measured. We get lead to a room were we wait for the doctor. A few minutes later the doctor comes in and he gets right down to business. The whole appointment lasts about ten minutes. I say to myself you mean we spent two in car in traffic for that. But I smile and say thank you to the doctor and Brandon gets some stickers and we leave.

Back at the car Grandma says

“Do you think Brandon could handle Ikea?


“I will be his “mother” in the store so you can just enjoy.” Grandma pleads

“OK fine.”

We make it to Ikea its 80 degress outside and there are tons of cars in the parking lot. Everyone makes it through Ikea with little problems. Only one melt down. We start the journey home. The car ride home wasn’t too bad. The portable DVD player was turned on and I fell asleep for about an hour. We make it home and as the saying goes there is no place like home. Me and Brandon just sit for a little while and finally it time for bed. I even go to bed early and I woke this morning ready to tackle another day. Wish me luck.