Family Reunion Adventure


I posted the pictures earlier and now here is the review.

Me and my son left our house at about 10am yesterday. The trip was about two hours long and Brandon slept most of the way. The reunion was a family members house on a golf course.

When we arrived most everybody was there and we were greeted by cousins, aunts, uncles and every one in between. Lots of hugs were exchanged. And we got to meet the newest member of the family, my cousins two week old baby girl. She is so cute. I even got to hold her for a little bit. Been way to long since I got to hold a little baby.

Everybody gathered in the backyard and the kids around the yard and the grown ups had a chance to catch up. It was nice to see my family again. We get together once every two years. So its nice see them all in one place.

For dinner we had smoked salmon as the main dish and everyone brought different side dishes. There was enough food to feed any army but it nobody seemed to complain.

Me and Brandon left early because he was ready for bed. We went back to the cabin that my parents rented and we settled down for the night. Woke up this morning and had a nice breakfast and then a walk on the beach and we headed home. The car ride home was nice, once again Brandon slept most of the way home, so it was just me and open road. Had so much fun can’t wait until we can do it again.
 Does your family get together often? Tell me about your family get to gathers.




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