Warning a rant is about to take place.

It’s funny how friendships come as quickly has they go. Today I lost two friends over something I said to one of them. I won’t go into detail. But it crossed the line only I didn’t think it did at the time.
Now that I think about it I was wrong but I didn’t think my friends would stop trusting me over it.
I learned a huge lesson today and I learned it the hard way. I hope things get better. And you you know what’s funny right after I deleted my friends numbers from my phone I instantly deleted them from Facebook as well. Stupid to think that Facebook went through my head. So petty to think that yet I did it anyway.
You know that feeling of guilt you have right after you do some thing you regret? I have that feeling and I can’t get over it. What a mess I created and I will never be forgotten. I will always be that girl that said that one thing and fucked a friendship up.
Ok I think I’m done ranting. Thanks for reading.



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