Weekly Writing Challenge: I Remember


My memory:

I remember the happiest day of my life, when my son was born. I had gotten back from a month long vacation. Me and my husband(at the time) had taken the train from Washington to back home in California. While on the train I noticed that my son hadn’t moved inside me the entire ride home. We decided to go the hospital in the middle of the night. They check us into a room and they check me out and the doctor says your dialated 1cm.  Since my husband at the time was in the miltary and they had some strange rule where over weight women can’t give birth in the tiny hospital where I was at, they had to transport me to a bigger hospital and hour away.

My first ride in an ambulance was not a fun one. But the EMT was very comforting and helped take my mind of things, by talking to me and telling jokes. We get the other hospital and a few hours later its time to push.

I start pushing but my son doesn’t want to come out so they end up doing a c-section. I was knocked out and from what I was told my son was born minutes later. And since my son was born a month early he spent two weeks in the hospital before we could take him home.

Once home we had many sleepless nights and many more trips to the hospital. My son wasn’t having a very good start to this world. But now three years later you would never know that he spent  two weeks in the hospital and another week after going home. I love him more then anything in the world and I love watching him grow.


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