Orange is the new black


I started watching the new Netflix original series Orange is the New Black the other day. The basic story line is about this girl named Piper Chapman who goes to prison and about how she survives day-to-day. Chapman has they call her in prison comes from this pretty good life. She is engaged to be married and has started a business with her best friend making lotion. Chapman turns herself in and the show pretty much starts from there. They take you through the booking process and the strip search, including the bend and cough. Piper gets shown the ropes from fellow prisoners and learns quickly how to survive. Since Chapman comes from a well to do family and she is educated the other prisoners don’t like her much at first and they even turn to her for advice about appeals. The show even shows you how the prison has their own groups, kinda like high school, there are the blacks,old people, latin  americans, white people and others I am sure. The director did a good job and really giving you the insight into prison life, even if just for the drama. I know parts of the show aren’t real but it makes for good entertainment.  The show is for mature audiences, they show some nudity and deal with some pretty mature issues. I really like the story line and the characters are well developed. I also like how they have flash backs to the people before they entered prison, to let you know where they came from. There are only thirteen episodes on Netflix right now and I am about half through right now. I must say I think I may sad when I finish because I won’t have anything to watch. I hope they add more episodes, because I addicted. If you have been watching please share your thoughts, I would love to hear them.



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